about Mark koolmatrie

Founder, Kula-Tind-Jeri

Hi, I’m mark.

I am an original Tribal man of southern South Australia.  I am what as is referred to as a Munkanboli or a clever person who is a man of wisdom and knowledge.

I use this knowledge that has been taught to me and passed down over thousands and thousands of years to ensure culture is strong and alive.

I belong to the original Kukabrak Tribes of southern South Australia and like many changes we are now referred to as Ngarrindjeri. The Ngarrindjeri Nation is made up of 18 Tribes or family groupings known as Lakinyeri.

My family is of the Ramindjeri, Yaralde, Meintangk, Warki and Tangani Kukabrak Tribes. We speak for and belong to along with other families the Coorong region, the lower lakes of southern South Australia, the Fleurieu Peninsula and Kangaroo Island and all their lands, waters and cosmology.

I started life in Meningie on the shores of Lake Albert before moving to Gum Park and Block K on Raukkan land with my parents and siblings in 1968. All of my primary schooling was at Raukkan Aboriginal School.

Raukkan is a small settlement on the shores of Lake Alexandrina and is the hub of the Ngarrindjeri Nation. I grew up in and around the Raukkan Aboriginal Community and I am very proud of my identity.

After leaving Raukkan in my late teens to undertake tertiary study my home never left me.

I have post graduate qualifications but I am most proud of my cultural standing which is higher than any of the degrees I have.

The Ngarrindjeri flag with each dot representing an individual Lakinyeri.

Raukkan is most famous for being the home of David Unaipon, who is immortalised on the Australian $50 note. Image: Reserve Bank of Australia.