Year 10 History Rights and Freedoms presentation

Attention all you wonderful and innovative people moving in the same direction as us.

An amazing opportunity for your school has just been developed by The Tribal Expertise Facility.

We come into your school and work alongside of staff and bring an authentic experience to the Year 10 History classes and your Rights and Freedoms unit.

The TEF has a PowerPoint presentation ready to offer your school from the lens of lived experiences.

By having an authentic experience of the rights and freedoms of our people can only enhance the schools RAP and build better human understanding of the rights and freedoms of our people.

We are taking bookings now so if your school wants an authentic lived experience from the lens of our people then book a single lesson or double lesson.


We have negotiated a cost at $250 for a single lesson of around 30 students or less and $350 for a double lesson of the same numbers but certainly we are willing to discuss with schools who might find it difficult to justify these costs and if you wish to combine classes that too can be negotiated.



Don’t miss out on this journey whereby we will walk onwards together with truth telling and true reconciliation.


In March 2021, Mark Koolmatrie from Kool Tours met with my Year 12 Outdoor Education students while on a kayaking expedition in the Coorong to share his past, present and future connection with country.

Mark gave us a Welcome to Country and a Smoking Ceremony, sharing his knowledge and the knowledge passed down to him from his elders about the land we were camping on and spending time in. My students found it to be an incredibly valuable time and came away with a much better understanding of how Indigenous Australian’s interact and connect with the natural environment and how they can care for culture and the environment.

Their understanding of this perspective on the environment is evident through their reflective assessment work they have completed since our experience. It is clear that their time with Mark on his Country has enriched their own connection with Country.

I look forward to working with Kool Tours on future Outdoor Education programs and can see opportunities for other Learning Areas at our College to enrich their teaching of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledge and perspectives in History, and our Rite of Passage program, the Rite Journey.


Outdoor Education Teacher, Cornerstone College

Westminster School has employed Kool Tours to run a day tour (during the Westventure program) at the Coorong for over 5 years. Mark and the team deliver a 4 hour interpretive walk where they discuss the various bush foods of the Coorong.

Importantly they discuss how their ancestors would have used the food. The tours are hands on – the students are encouraged to touch, smell and taste the plants! The tours also touch on cultural history in the area and also environmental education.

The tour finishes with a smoking ceremony, which is run exceptionally well and normally a highlight for the students. The Elders who run the tours interact with the year 10 students in a friendly manner and make all visitors feel welcome on their country. Westminster hopes to keep the connection with Kool tours into the future as we understand the impact the Elders have on our students during the Westventure program. Mark is also very happy to give his time to those students in the future, such as when he also visits the students at the end of year 12 (Valedictory).

Sam Ferguson

Westventure Coordinator, Westminster School