Ngopun Ruwe- Wolakota

The Journey back in time to go forward.
A meeting of two ancient Tribes.
The Kukabrak peoples of southern South Australia and the Lakota of America.


what is wolakota?

This is a Lakota word that means the having of peace, tranquility and having a connectiveness between yourself and the universe. When the prefix Ngopun Ruwe was added it showed by connecting with ruwe or Country we all can find inner peace and a relationship with our relatives.

How the journey came about?

The journey came about after Mark was introduced by Elyjah McLeod to Krishna Das from the Kirtan Wallah Foundation.

Krishna Das knew the right person who was able to bring two ancient tribes together in Grover Genro Gauntt.

From there the passion for members of two Tribes came together over June and July 2019 in South Dakota US.

Who went and why?

The journey was attended by 6 Tribal Elders from Southern South Australia and two great special friends in Tanya and Elyjah who ensured the needs of the Elders were taken care of.

It was important because our elders were weakened by the harsh reality of a world that was oppressing them and squeezing the cultural being out of them.

The whole purpose for the Elders was to go back in time and meet with a strong cultural knowledgeable tribe like the Lakota so that our Elders to regain the courage and willpower to once again teach and share the knowledges that had been passed down since the dawn of time.


Who are the Lakota people?

Lakota are an Original Native American Tribe of what is known as South Dakota US alongside of the Dakota and Nakota Tribes. Some of the greatest leaders of American Indian history of survival were Lakota.

How was the journey funded?

The journey was funded from various sources of monies. First, we had a Crowd Funding Campaign that raised a little over 21k and then had contributions from the State Government of South Australia, Overseas Adventure Travel, The Kirtan Wallah Foundation and many other smaller in kind and direct contributions.

How do Lakota people relate to Tribal people of Australia?

The same hostilities and colonist factors have decimated both our people and The Lakota. This brought us closer together in sharing of cultural., humility and understanding.


What were the outcomes?

The outcome was many and varied. We as Elders came back to Australia realising our purpose and with aspirations for the future whilst Lakota knew they weren’t alone and that the Tribes of Southern South Australia was on their side.

What do we hope to achieve in the future?

The next journey has to be a group of our young people connecting with the Lakota in south Dakota in 2021 to steer the future of cultural sharing and wisdom.

How does it fit in with our projects?

We are working towards this and at the start of 2021 we will once again start a consertive effort to raise the funds to make the pathway even brighter for the Original peoples of Southern south Australia and beyond.

Mark Koolmatrie Brother from down under, it was your lead of courage in your home country, coming across the ocean & flying many miles that helped to inspire us. Hau, hecetu yelo! (That’s the way it is)!

Renee Ironhawk